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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    Yes, up to beta 3.5 you can trade to Firered and Leafgreen for sure. I haven't tried trading to the Hoenn games but I think zel hasn't enabled the flag for that. Test it out with VBA link, see if it works. If it does, that's probably why Bill stopped you in Ecruteak. zel needed to do something with that event anyway. If not, he's probably gonna do something in Kanto. Wow, I've managed to ramble on about nothing!

    zel, take as much as a vacation as you want. No rush, just make sure you come back alright? Other hackers are never heard of again after their breaks. Good luck with the relaxation!
    No, zel said he would enable that flag along at the time in getting the pokédex, only if he could figure it out though. Even though when you meet Bill in Ecruteak, if you ever notice that when go over to a PC, its stills said SOMEONE'S PC in bill's spot, but instead it should become BILL'S PC, cause you meet the guy. It's not a big deal of course, just though of mentioning it. Then again, zel could also try to figure out that flag as well as the ruby and sapphire flags.

    Originally Posted by marz View Post
    This is a Gold remake, which means there are not connections between Johto and Kanto except for the train station at Saffron and Goldenrod. The Sevii Islands are gone, obviously because they weren't in Gold Version.
    Marz, i think ASHYLEGS wants to know how will zel build Johto(Sevii Islands) in Kanto, its possible, zel just needs to change and add warps, so you can enter Viridian from the Indigo Plateau like a snap.