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Back with more answers... I wish I were in a vacation, but that's far from be true... ToT (Studying, studying...)

Originally Posted by vx4theflash View Post
Uhm,I saw your video.And why don't you change Lance as a "Champion" instead of EliteTrainer?Because Lance is the Champion of Johto,I hope you mind it.
And can you improve the Gold's sprite when he doing both surfing and fishing?I don't want it to be like this:

Two Gold on a Lapras???
Ok,bye.And good luck to you and your great hack!

EDIT1:Will you increase level of the E4's Pokemon?In the original game,they are too weak.A champion like Lance maybe should have some lv.65->70 pokemon,huh?
About the name "EliteTrainer", sorry, I can't name him "Champion" because if I name him that, he gets the Champion's music, however, he also gets our Rival's name instead of "Lance". So, I could overwrite any other trainer classification, but, then again, he would get the normal trainer battle music, and I prefer to give him the music from the Elite4 battles. Once again, I'm not used to dealing with music, and music changes for trainers.
And the surfing sprite, well, I don't want to fix that, because to fix it, it should be deleted completely, and started once again. Of course, no way I want to do that.
And, if you want a strong E4, you just need to play SGX. Everyone knows that.

Originally Posted by chibaymaga12 View Post
hey zel, maybe you mentioned it in your last post (i mainly skimmed) and you probably aready know, you've got will and karens over-world sprites switched. Are you gonna fix it before the new beta comes??
Overworld sprites assignment is temporary. Karen and Will still need to be done, so I assigned them anything.

Originally Posted by rune the 1st View Post
Hey zel are you going to make a second wave of the elite 4? or elitetrainer..
Yes, I just need to know how to modify their lineups (I need to find their locations in hex), since that can't be done using PET.

Originally Posted by marz View Post
Anyways, zel. Why did you change the names to EliteTrainers instead of keeping Elite Four? And what do you mean by the E4 rooms will be definitive in B4, but not in the final version of the game? I'm lost about that.

EDIT: Zel, edit the first post, one of flipboi's banners got removed from ImageShack due to high bandwidth usage.
marz, didn't I said it when I posted? Because that way I could "change the class" of a trainer to classify him/her as "EliteTrainer" and they'd get the E4's battle music. That's the way I'm doing that kind of things to handle the trainer's battle music, unless there's another way.
And, the E4 rooms tilesets are not defitive for the final version. They'll look as in the video in B4, but most likely, I'll change a few things if I think they need to be changed.
And I'll remove a few banners, time to renew things, anyway

Originally Posted by archer View Post
W00t! 100pages!! Also, i dont recognise the music in ecruteak city, where is it from?
That trainer building in viridian would make a great place for making a place to train against pogeys your level?
Like a battle tower where you can gain experience.
The music in Ecruteak is the music from the SS.Anne in FireRed.
And, I don't know what "pogeys" means, but, I guess it'll be a good place to train, however there'll be better places as you advance more in Kanto.

Originally Posted by foofatron View Post
Page 100 ShinyGold rules!How many areas do you think you'll have when your done?
Who knows?

Originally Posted by marz View Post
In the end, it's all just timed palette changes. One lighter one, one normal one, and one darker one. I guess, if zel could figure that out, maybe...
Hmmm... So far, two options:

Either I handle things with warps, and I'd need to do two versions of every single town/city/route map, using different tilesets, so the warp would warp you to one of the two versions depending on a timed flag, or so. This would be the wackiest idea ever (not to mention the pain to do it, and that it would be crappy having to warp a lot of times...) But that's the closest to "timed palette changing" you were saying, because there's no way to deal with the palettes through scripting.

Or, I would need to handle things with Trigger scripts checking that timed flag, and would setweather to a bit dark weather. That's another crappy idea, and may not work really good, because you'd need to have triggering scripts everywhere when you came out of a house,etc. to start investigating again. (May use the Maps level scripts, but unfortunately, they are pain, if not impossible to edit)

So far these are the options. Sorry, but you always talk about things as if they are too easy, but I wanted to show that it's not all "pink colour"

Originally Posted by Sunyveil View Post
Great hack Zel! The X version of it has some funky things though... for example, north of Goldenrod city I see copies of my sprite on the trees, and some of the pokemon levels are normal, while the ones around it are augmented (for example, the rocket executive's houndoom is about 10 lvls lower than the rest of his pkmn.) I'm sure these have already been mention because I've only been following this for a short time, but that's all I have to report
Yes, a few things have already been said about glitches, but I didn't know about the Houndoom, oh well, since I'll have to redo the battles once again for when I finish B4 and start editing for SGX's B4, things will get weird again and again, jojo!

Originally Posted by chibaymaga12 View Post
Unfortunately, her team has already been set. Well, just two hints about it (and this will not start a guessing competition people! Don't want to!!! Leave that for yourself!)
1-She has a themed lineup (guess by her name)
2-chibaymaga has two corrects (and one of them is the obvious Pikachu)

Originally Posted by ASHYLEGS View Post
How will Kanto be set up? From what I heard, Zel used the Sevii Islands for Johto. I will Zel connect it to Viridian?
Kanto's connected as always, by Routes 27/26. Also you can get there by using the Ship, or by the train (however the Routes connection won't really show up you being in Kanto, and the rest are just warps that make you automatically switching between Kanto and Johto, or the Islands, as they look now)

Originally Posted by zak View Post
Zel... jsut wondering about flight postitions and stuf.... coz you made johto in seve islands flight postitions are messed up ,are you going to add more? if its even possible, ive made a loada scratch maps in my hack and havent worked out how to make more flight postitions
Scizz' answers into this matter was that we can do it by repointing the flight positions table to a place with free space, so then, we can copy that table, and add our stuff at the end (if I remember correctly) Ehmmm... Well, I want to do as I can with what I have... lol :D

That's all people, I have gone a bit too far hanging around and posting, so it's time to punish myself with some good hours of studying... NoOoOoOo...