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Originally Posted by Christos View Post
Are the events nr. 12 and 13 in hexadecimal? Because 12 = C, 13 = D.
I've tried that now with this script:

#org 0xDDC810
message 0xDDC950
boxset 0x2
applymovement 0xFF 0xDDC940
pause 0x10
applymovement 0xC 0xDDC970
pause 0x10
message 0xDDC980
boxset 0x2
applymovement 0xD 0xDDF990
pause 0x70
message 0xDDD000
boxset 0x2

#org 0xDDC940
#raw 0x31
#raw 0xFE

#org 0xDDC950
= Go away!

#org 0xDDC970
#raw 0x01
#raw 0xFE

#org 0xDDC980
= And don't dare it to come back!

#org 0xDDF990
#raw 0x06
#raw 0x06
#raw 0x06
#raw 0x06
#raw 0x06
#raw 0x06
#raw 0x06
#raw 0xFE

#org 0xDDD000
= Chef!\pGiovanni is in trouble!

The 'second sprite' does not takes seven steps, but just turns his head to the left.
( 0x06 is 1 step to the left. )

Any ideas?
And btw, if i try the '!' ( alert ) movement, he just jumps.
Are those movements for R/S/E or something?
If so, does anybody have the correct movements for FR/LG?