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    This is what I get for scripting at 4am....

    Boys and girls please remember the following!

    boxset 5 (or boxset 2, whichever you use) must be followed by
    : compare LASTRESULT 1

    Checkflag must NOT!

    This has been a sleepy witch announcement.
    Now excuse me while I go turn into a pumpkin!


    Ps, I think the reason a lot of movement scripts don't work is becasue people get mixed up between people number, people id and event number. (assuming advanced map)
    Event number is the index of the object. It is not referenced.
    Peaple number is referenced by applymovement, but if it is accidentally doubled up then neither object will move!
    - the above is specific to the map you're on! (you cant have 2 2's on one map) The value written in this field may be written without a 0x in front when you write you're script if you don't want the have to convert it to hex.
    - - The above applies to both pokescript and Scripted!
    People ID is the flag. Setting this value in a script will make the character disapear!
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