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    I'm not sure whick is the flag for 'wanting' the pokedex but the reason I say avoid the 300 range is cause I've encountered a number of flags there that cause game crashes, one flag that converted the battle method to the safari zone rules (no safari balls though so no use there on it's own), one that accidentally opened the fly map? 300's and 800's seem to be where most of the system flags are stored. Use them without knowing what they are and there's potential to mess up you'r game.

    Use the others freely but know that virtually every script uses a flag so if your game starts playing up then it's possible another object is using the same flag as you're script!

    - EDIT -
    Alternatively, make sore you remove all the existing scripted objects and program in new ones from scratch, but that could be a harrowing experience.

    *Considers making an erase script command in bufrite....*
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