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Originally Posted by DeM0nFiRe View Post
To Azura: I see where u r coming from but have u ever tried to program the systems neccessary? There really is a reason why noone has done it yet.(unless someone has. correct me please if someone has.)
First, I suggest you to read this thread, if you don't mind:

I understand that many things appear to be doable, but sometimes the level of complexity of one of the systems (as you may've read in the thread I suggested) will just be too much to be handled by events. That's why Blizzy made a mix of Events and Scripts, what ended up being a complete mess, but was a good shot at the whole new situation created by Rmxp, where you could use something more powerful than events to do whatever you wanted to do.

IMHO there's a reason why no one has ever finished projects like that: because they insist their hard work using events will be rewarded in the end, which I disagree. However, like I said before, I would use it if it was made for Rm2k3.

Anyway, despite of all the things I've said, I wish you good luck if you're willing to make this. It will be, for sure, a great step for the Game Development.

Oh, and I've tried to code the systems for quite some time now. I've got pretty much everything covered, as you may see in Pkmn Metropolis' thread.
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