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Ok. Here's a fun little tutorial thing I just learned I could do with my own program
... Here I designed it and I hadn't even thought of using it like this!

Inside pokescript I have special directives for performing different tasks and one of these is #rawdecode, which will decode an offsett from a source (ROM) at and dump it into a file. These are traditionally typed into the instant window but there is nothing stopping you from writing them in a script.
The attached file was made by using translexhation and the ruby thing table.
Renamed to a .rbc and compiled, will go through and decompile the offsetts for the text at the opening of the game (The stuff prof birch says) into seperate files. It will also create one solitary .buf file.

Once it's done compiling delete all the .psc files, then rename the solitary .buf file to a .rbc file...

Hey presto, a complete list by offsett of the text he says in an easy to read format instead of having to look the characters up on a table and edit them in a hex editor!!
Simply write you're text above it making sure you take up the same amount of space -- Allowing that a letter following a backslash(\p) and letters between square brackets[player] both translate into 1-byte characters!
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