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Hack of: Pokemon Ruby USA

In case you have any doubts about the naming:

Aluminium, it's also known as "Aluminum" as well as "Aluminium", but was originally named "Alumium" by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808

-by Green Charizard and TreeckoLv.100

Darkrai, an event Pokemon of Diamond and Pearl, speaks to you in a dream and warns you of Team Galactic's plans to drag him from the "dimension of dreams" into yours. They plan to use him to control the "Pokemon Brains" eg. Professor Oak, who is also the Professor in this game, through their dreams. Alongside the classic Pokemon scenario of the Elite 4. In all it's a much darker game than the others and will have essence of GSC and Diamond and Pearl with all the mystery and adventure of the Legend of Zelda series. But with soundtracks from many games including Diamond and Pearl, it's something completely new.

^The aluminium heroes!

  • New Music
  • New Maps
  • New Graphics
  • Totally revamped title
  • New Story
  • New Tiles:
  • -Some F/R tiles
  • -Some Kyledove (credit to him)
  • -Some by me
  • New Scripts
  • New Region
  • DP overworlds and some other things e.g. the "[ ! ]" sign

Around 2% Complete
Around 6% in the mapping

I'm very busy with PHO so progress is slow, sorry.

Title Screen & Intro

Intro & The Heroes Town

The First Route

Mount Glacier Entrance & The second town (Pokemon Centres will be changed)

Mt. Glacier

The next city

None as of current

Support us with the banner below:


Credit to PaRaDoX for the DP sprites
Credit to Kyledove for some tiles
Credit to Cazkuro for the male hero's front overworld
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