Thread: [Tutorial] Tileset Editing (R/S/E/FR/LG)
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    What I mean by that is place the tiles on the sheet so they properly appear in AM. The tiles are 8x8 pixels. So, in oreder to tile properly, you need to figure out where the tiles need to go so they appear correctly in AM.
    but how do i put the tiles on a sheet if i can't save the tileset that i want to edit? i think what may also be another problem is that i downloaded a tileset (not to use but to look at) and now every time i go into block editor that tileset appears on the right along with the messed up sootopolis set i posted earlier. also every time i try to save tileset 0 (the standard one) i get a DIB of the tileset that i downloaded instead. plz help and i'm really sorry if i'm getting annoying. thanks for all your help so far and beyond!