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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    GC, as always, wishing you luck on the project. I still have my doubts with the D/P hero sprite, it always tends to do things weird (even if you change the rest of the OWs, then the tiles would look weird... smaller... compared to the OWs)

    Anyway, I want to start hearing some new music! (you'll use music from D/P or from many games?)
    Well the GBA screen is only 85% of the DS screen, and the sprite is already reduced by 1 pixel to fit, so you shouldn't really notice. I will change the rest of the overworlds soon.
    Music? Maybe I could do a video. So watch for that.

    Anyway, I know I've not updated much, sorry.
    But this should make up for it.

    ^New city

    ^I just noticed a tiling error in this, I'll fix it (sand beneath rock)
    Sort of inspired by the new mapping style in DP.

    ^As I already said PKMN Center will be changed

    ... ... ...

    Small text
    Also a subtle hint that I'll add more new POKEMON.
    (A supernova is a collapse of a star BTW)
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