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Originally Posted by Killer-Swift View Post
Both second evolutions look good Fuzzy! However, I don't 'dig' the third one, something seems off. I think it might be the flame, I mean, it should be larger than the flames' of the other pokemon right? =/
Hmm. I see what you mean. I'll edit the tail when I get a chance. ;D

Originally Posted by Captain Arcane View Post
I'm sorry, but when I look at your Fakemons, I don't get the feeling that this is in any way related to Pokemon at all! I feel so bad for saying that, but its the truth. Sorry
Thanks, bud! ^-^

[Update!!] I've just been working on going back and touching up some of my already released sprites, so expect to see a few edits here shortly. Here's the first one. Just touched up Bokruge's legs and arms and added in claws on both the hands and feet.

I edited Perucolt's front left leg. I made it a tad too long at first, so I shortened it up a bit.

You might have to refresh your page to see the updates.
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