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    An offset is a values like 0x800000

    As used in the phrase #org 0x800000
    The above is an absolute offset which tells the program the script should start at offset (address) 0x800000

    The word offset in this thread is also used to refer to a phrase like this:
    #org $Startscript

    This is a relative offset. Bufrite will assign a relative offset to an absolute location and display that location in the log:
     - Pushed simplescript.$startjolt to 800000
    | - Pushed simplescript.$joltbattle to 80001C
    | - Pushed simplescript.$winjolt to 80003E
    | - Pushed simplescript.$sorry to 80005F
    | - Pushed simplescript.$givebadge to 800068
    | - Pushed simplescript.$domove to 800082
    | - Pushed simplescript.$givepoke to 8000BD
    | - Pushed simplescript.$error to 800100
    | - Pushed simplescript.$nameevee to 80010A
    etc etc
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