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    ROM-hackers Alpha Inc.

    Welcome to this group. Maybe you know me, and my old group. And I'm sure you know Christos. We two had own rom-hacking groups, but both were closed because of laziness of members. Now, we have decided to make a group of skilled ROM-hackers, who will do good projects, and will be popular amongst this community.

    We are quite new group, but we already have three hacks. All hacks will get, to shorten names while writing, a two-letter names from initials.

    Pokémon Liquid Ocean
    An award winning hack, most popular hack of the year 2006 made by Christos.
    For further information open the spoiler.


    Sample screenshot:

    Beta/alpha availability:

    As the hack development was restarted, the beta is quite inactual.

    Official thread:
    Click here to visit

    Pokémon: Next Generation Adventures(NGA)
    As the NG was dead, this project came up with the NG's features, less primitive style and became quite popular, made by Matt. It has a completely new story continuation for Pokémon games series. For further information open the spoiler.


    Sample screenshot:
    Will be soon viewable.

    Beta/alpha availability:
    None for now, check the thread for regular updates.

    Official thread:
    Look into the respective forum.

    Pokémon Elements (PE)
    New hack on the scene, made by Blade. It has a completely new storyline, apart from series. For further information open the spoiler.

    None, may appear as the development is active.

    Sample screenshot:

    Beta/alpha availability:
    Download here
    Official thread:
    Click here to visit

    Optional task: You can show your membership in this group by changing the name GAMEFREAK (in Pokémon games, intro screens) to RHA Inc. (RH Alpha) - All images with changes applied, just to insert, are in page 3 of this thread.

    Submiting an application is now NOT ALLOWED. Members kicked out from the group due to their inactivity are: Furanki PKMN Master, Tyler-Chan, who was only partly in plus anyone who isn't on the staff list anymore.

    Christos and Matt: Founders of the RHA Inc.
    Christos , Blade and Matt: Leaders of their hack development.


    Christos, Matt and Blade

    Christos and Matt

    Storyline editors
    Christos, Matt and Speedonh

    Matt, Hedgehogger, Speedonh and HCharm

    Graphics editors
    Christos, Matt and KebaSun

    Private beta testing
    Beta testers will be people actually working with the projects, or giving real proofs of interest.
    So everyone in the team and people certified in hack threads will be able to test.

    The ending words...

    If you think you are quite good hacker, we encourage you to prove and show yourself by joining the one of the really skilled hacking groups in this community.