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    Proof: Brendan failed in his quest to prevent Groundon from reawakening. Meanwhile Team Aqua resurrected Kyogre. The two Pokemon fought an intense battle which reshaped the land of Hoenn. Old towns and cities sunk to the murky depths whilst new islands rose from the sea. Parts of Hoenn became burning deserts whilts other parts were frozen wastelands. After the battle, the legends disapeeared, so did Brendan......
    You now play as Wally or May training a whole new team of Pokemon after all your others were lost during the battle you had with Groundon. You must challenge the new Hoenn league to earn passes which allow you to new areas of the changed land. Your ultimate goal is to find Rayquaza and Groundon and kyogre so all three will undo the damage to the land, oh and maybe you could look for Brendan too...........