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Originally Posted by peirau View Post
Erm i want to join.
Skils:Maybe you know just the basic thing like mapping scripting (pokescript)text editing and do the other stuff.
If you dont need some things like mapping or something else anymore please tel.
Proof:My own new hack!
MSN:[email protected]
We need proof, not just "My own new hack!". Look at the first post and edit the proof.
Proof is screenshots, maps, sprites and scripts to show what you can do.

Originally Posted by _-Blade-_ View Post
Sorry. I guess i forgot what to apply for. I'll do mapping, spriting and text editing if you need that.

EDIT: Is my thread enough proof?
It's okay, I think you can be in as a mapper.
And next time if someone applies for a position please post the things posted in the first post and not a link to a thread.

Originally Posted by foofatron View Post
Why does the map have to be 20x20?Can't it be bigger.
|Matt| let you do any size but I think it'd be better 20x20 so that we can see that you can map any size of map without having a problem.

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