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    To Capalex65: There's some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that this is the last chapter of this episode. The good news is that a whole new episode is coming up and it's coming on a different thread.

    Chapter 5

    A few hours later, Mewtwo woke up from his unconsciousness. He quickly sat up to find the battered and bruised Black Jack and all of the pokemon sitting around a campfire in the beautiful scenery of flowers, grass and trees. Well, theres no point shouting wakey wakey now, eh? Black Jack said.

    What happened? Mewtwo asked.
    I hate to admit it, Black Jack replied. But I get the feeling that we were both knocked out.

    Mewtwo looked down in disappointment.

    Me he thought. Being beaten by a human. How can I call myself the most powerful pokemon in the world now? But wait I did sense that there was something about him before and during the battle

    Snap out of it, Mewtwo, Black Jack interrupted as he instinctively knew what Mewtwo was thinking. Neither of us has won and neither of us has lost. I guess we can leave it until next time.
    I agree, Mewtwo replied. By the way, why did you leave Team Rocket?
    That punk, Giovanni, Black Jack said in an annoyed tone, he hates it when people he or other people (or pokemon) had to mention that name. He sees pokemon as a bunch of tools, and I wasnt having that.

    Mewtwos eyes glowed for a brief moment. That name just makes his blood boil.

    Black Jack soon changed the subject and he and Mewtwo got into other conversations, like where did Mewtwos clones came from, had bad life can get, how Black Jack got into life threatening situations and out, etc.

    Suddenly, an explosion can be heard from the other side of the cave. Black Jack ordered all his pokemon to protect Mewtwos, while he and Mewtwo left to investigate.

    (Authors note: The pokemon speaks for this part, so Im going to do some translation.)

    Huh! Nidoking moaned. How come he gets to have fun?
    You already had your turn battling, Blaziken replied. You need to rest.
    But Im feeling fine!
    Same here! Feraligatr continued. He suddenly felt the pain in his back. Ouch
    Somebodys got to go with Jack, Blaziken said. Hes bound to get into trouble without us and hes not one hundred percent healed yet.
    Ill check them out, Salamence said volunteering. But Metagross got in his way.
    No you wont, my friend, he replied, getting in his way. Ill go. You always have trouble with not just against icy attacks, but weathers too.
    True Salamence admittedly thought to himself.
    Ill come with you, Tyranitar said.
    Youre injured too. So stay here, Tyranitar. Metagross said. But if we dont get back in five minutes, come get us.
    Ill stay here to guard the others, Blaziken said, suspecting that Nidoking and Feraligatr would do something stupid like getting themselves hurt again.

    Metagross walked to the cave leaving the others to heal themselves and protect Mewtwos clones.

    (Authors note: Translation ended.)

    Black Jack and the weakened Mewtwo ran outside to see what was happening outside. They saw a lot people in black warm clothing holding guns, struggling through the mountain snow.

    Who are those people? Mewtwo asked. Do you know them?
    They dont look like Team Rocket grunts, Black Jack replied. They must be from somewhere else.
    Whoever they are, its clear that theyre trying to get to me.
    No kidding.

    Black Jack picked up some snow and made a snowball out of it.

    What are you trying to do with that? Mewtwo asked.
    Just having a little fun, Black Jack replied.

    With an evil smile, Black Jack bowled the snowball down the mountain. As the snowball rolled, it got bigger and faster. Soon it became as big as a Snorlax and it knocked down most of the grunts.

    I never saw that coming, Mewtwo said as he clapped his paws, appreciating Black Jacks smarts. Im impressed.
    Why are you so impressed? Black Jack asked in a down tone. I didnt get a strike.

    The grunts started to pick themselves up and made their way up to capture Mewtwo. Look at that! Heh! Black Jack said with a sadistic smile. They dont want to be next to Magikarps on the weaklings chart, do they!

    Mewtwo and Black Jack had no choice but to defend themselves against them. Mewtwo, even in his weakened state, used his psychic powers to fend off the grunts, while Black Jack uses wipes them out with his bare hands.

    Mewtwo and Black Jack showed a great deal of teamwork between them. At one point, Mewtwo was about to get stabbed in the back by one of the grunts. But luckily for him, Black Jack threw a snowball at the grunts face and then punched him in the face.

    Meanwhile, far away, in a base, a man with blond, fluffy shoulder length hair in a grey tuxedo was watching in a dark room watching a visual monitor. What! he thought to himself in shock. Whos that man?

    Back at the mountain, Mewtwo and Black Jack finished off most of the grunts. The other grunts ran away. Looks like theyve found another useful thing to do besides getting beaten by us, Black Jack said. Mewtwo smirked at that remark.

    But to their surprise, a huge stomp can be heard. The stomp was so loud that it caused quite a short earthquake. Black Jack and Mewtwo looked at the mountain behind them, hoping that it didnt cause an avalanche. To their relief, it didnt. They turned their attention to the sounds direction. It turned out that a huge robot was coming their way. It was twice the size of a Snorlax. It had a two-sectioned body part, top and bottom, huge arms, legs and head. It had missiles on his shoulders and chain guns on his wrists.

    Only one of them? Black Jack asked in a disappointed tone. I cant believe that they would stoop that low!

    Mewtwo gave Black Jack a surprised look, sensing that he was going fight this robot. A human facing a gigantic attacking robot? he thought to himself. This is no ordinary human!

    Soon, Metagross came running out of the cave and saw Black Jack and Mewtwo about the face the huge robot.

    The robot raised its arms and started shooting everywhere like wildfire. Mewtwo instantly raised his arms to create a shield around Black Jack and himself. They soon spotted Metagross running down to them dodging each and every bullet.

    Meta gross gross! Metagross said, which meant, let me take care of that thing!

    Understanding what Metagross wanted to do, Black Jack shrugged and smiled as he replied, Suit yourself.

    Metagross quickly ran at the robot, dodging bullets and gave it a mighty punch, creating a huge damaged hole in the robots armour and circuits inside it. It kept on crushing the robot continuously while climbing until the reached the robots head, smashing it also. After the head was smashed, a massive explosion occurred from the robot.

    Mewtwo still held the shield while bits and pieces of the robot were flying about. Black Jack noticed Metagross being blown away with an injured look on its face. Black Jack ran to catch Metagross.

    Black Jack successfully caught it. Are you okay, bud? Black Jack asked. Metagross nodded in response. Suddenly, a voice was heard. Tyranitar!

    It was Tyranitar and the others, coming out after five minutes have elapsed, just like Metagross said.

    As they went back into the cave, everyone rejoiced that Mewtwo, Black Jack and Metagross were safe.

    No point in celebrating forever, Black Jack said in a down tone. We have to split up or else those goons will turn up again.
    Mewtwo smiled slightly at Black Jack. It has been a real honour battling with you, Black Jack, he said. Even though we must part ways, we shall meet again.
    So be it, Black Jack replied as they shook hand / paw.

    Soon, everyone waved their goodbyes, hoping that they will see each other again someday.

    Back at the base, the man in a suit switched off the monitor. Hmm the man murmured. Black Jack, eh?

    Next Episode: Black Jack joins the Hoenn League Tournament to smash some heads. Ash and co. fans wouldn't want to miss this episode!

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