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Yes I am making a pokemon online with the Legaly Sanctioned Version of RMXP I have the site to where to goto If any questions are asked.

Not needed. Its online.

Not needed. Anyone who joins.


Cities/Towns: 3%
Routes: 1%
Scripts: 2%
Charas: 45%

~Looking For a Team.~
Needed List:
Mappers: 3
Scripters: 2
Eventers: 1

r4mb0 - Mapper 1
Billiards Koopa - Mapper 2

I don't know if its against forum rules to Post links to other sites (RMXP Sites) but I can't yet because I havn't posted 15 posts or more -.- .
And no I'm not a staff or mod or anything wat so ever.


~EDIT: Sorry about the double Topic I messed up and thought I made 1 XD sorry.
~EDIT2: If no one believes me i'll have a demonstration with an administrator or a mod if neccisary.
~EDIT3: If you guys think i'm a noob im not, just bacause my post count it doesn't matter iv'e been on every other forum with this post. If I don't get help fine, i'll do it myself.
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