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Originally Posted by Killer-Swift View Post
I'm dissapointed in the fact you havn't made the third evo. *taps fingers* I'm still waiting! >O

And Ray, that comment you made, was awesome. xD I'm still laughing. =/

Anyways, if you're going to make it a legendary, give it an evo as well! >O But it does look good, but too weak to be a legendary alone.
You might be waiting for a while then, because there might not be a third evolution to that line. :o

I've decided against making Appakos a legendary. You can expect an evolution for him soon though. ^-^

Originally Posted by Charizard_Ruler View Post
There really nice!
Nut your fakemon dont strike me as a pokemon type thats tobad anyways ur a very good spriter keep it up :D
Most likely because I have my own style when I sprite Fakemon. Thanks for the compliment though, I appreciate it. ;D

[Update!!] Okie dokie, I've completely overhauled my Fire starter line. Lambent, originally the first evolution in the line, will now be the second evolution. I've scrapped the old second evo design completely and replaced it with a new first evolution. I had too many complaints about Lambent being too big for a first evolution, so just I designed and sprited a whole new one. I've also edited the last evolution's eyes to make it look more threatening. You can check out all the changes below. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know watcha think please! ^-^

The next new sprite to be revealed will make 9 new sprites, so I'll be adding a new line to the DexPad and re-working it a bit very shortly.
MegaDex: Returning soon?

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