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Originally Posted by Killer-Swift View Post
I agree and like the change Fuzzy. And it does look more threatening, however the tails are still too small on the later evolutions, and still make the pokémon look a bit off.
Thankies. I still plan on editing the fire tails, so don't worry. ;D

Originally Posted by Ichida View Post
Lumigen = bloody Meramon.
Surely you could say something more than that. =\

Originally Posted by SaturnGrl View Post
Yikes! Creepy spider! O_o
But anyhoo, very well made Fakemon. Some of them looked a bit anorexic, and could probably use a bit more mass to them.
But all in all, your sprites look good.
Which ones do you feel look anorexic? I know Gozenk is extremely skinny, but it is based off of a Gazelle-like apprearance, so it's supposed to be skinny. Thanks for the compliments though, I appreciate it. ^-^
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