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Well.. I have -Takes a very deep breathe-

1. Chansey ex
2. two Hitmonchan ex
3. two Mewtwo ex
4. two Sneasel ex
5. two Latios ex
6. Magcargo ex
7. two Dragonite ex
8. Magmar ex
9. two Muk ex
10. two Raichu ex
11. two Ampharos ex
12. Aerodactyl ex
13. Golem ex
14. Rayquaza ex
15. Typhlosion ex

Edit - Some recent additions as of June 26th
16. Electabuzz ex
17. Latias ex
18. Metagross ex
19. Vileplume ex
20. Wigglytuff ex

Together, that makes a grand total of my ex collection at: 28

Am I back? My search continues.
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