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    Originally Posted by furrypaws16 View Post
    Awesome, dude.

    I'm just curious, and if for whatever strange reason this is illrelated, you can delete my post.

    I'm thinking of working on a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories hack when I get my PC. Now, would all this work with any other game (specifically, Kingdom Hearts), or would I have to do scratch hacking/find other hacking programs? Thank you, in advance. ^-^

    Well, obviously not the backediting thing or trading bit, but maybe the graphics editor?
    Well, I really haven't tested UNLZ-GBA with a non-Pokemon game, to see what results it could have. Probably it could find something, and all you'd need to do is using its "Next" and "Previous" buttons trying to see if you find something using the "256 Color Mode" on or off (maybe it could find stuff with both ways)

    But I'm definitely sure TLP and Tile Molester works with any kind of game's graphics. And I mean ANY! (I've seen a few Mario 64 changes. Don't really know how they do that, though... X_x)
    Anyway, it could work with games, as long as you take the time to align the pics, I just told to use 8 for Rows and Columns, for example, but in other games or other stuff, you may have to use other values.