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Wow I'm gone for a day and it's now at 10 replies. XD Well thanks for the welcome~

Why do you like Pika and Pachirisu??

I've loved Pika since I was a little girl and I still love it. I have so many Pikachu stuff that I misplace them. XD I even sleep with a Pikachu plushie at night. Let's see, I have:

* 7 Pikachu Plushies (I think..haven't seen them in a while..)
* Pikachu DS Carrying Case (*cough* I use it for my GBA.)
* Pencil Top Pikachu (Which is somewhere in the house. o-o)
* Pikachu Pencils (Most are sorta *cough* Bootlegs, but two are official and worn down.)
* Pikachu Nightlight
* Satoshi and Pikachu stickers (From my trip to New York)
* Pikachu shirt (From my trip to the Philippines)
* Pikachu pillow
* Broken Pikachu Music Box (Which my friend gave me a long time ago and still kept it for the cuteness. XD)

I used to dislike Pachi for being a "copy" of Pikachu, but when the episode aired, it was sooooo cute and I couldn't resist loving it. I need to draw Pachi. XD
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