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Okay, it's finally May 1st. Time for the pairings to be decided. Unfortunately for myself, I will have to pull myself out for now. My Connection is not working, and I haven't been able to battle.

So, in order to battle your opponent, you'd need to tell them your friend code, either publicly on this page or via PM.

Round One Pairings

Poketrainer2004 VS Guitarist Sean

Furanki Pkmn Master VS Flame_On

shinigami_gaara VS Midnight_Dragon249

Buizel01 VS Kuri-Chan ♪

Trainer Kat VS Ichapokemr

Kamui VS Paranoia

Mclarenf1905 VS Glajummy

FFX383 VS Kratos_rage

aragornbird VS ss5vegeta

Bjmasta2 VS craiglaw2006

Asch VS Mr. Altosax

Ichida VS xXscytherXx

Alexandrian VS LawLessChaoz

Star Girl VS Lightning Rider

shadow rayquaza VS Neo Umbreon

Absolitude VS Ren-Kun

GeorgeWBushSupporter VS Empires228

Okay, you can get your battles started ASAP! The deadline will be May 12, 2007. At this time, or sooner if you all get done by then, the next round of pairings will be up.


And once your battles are complete, please mention the outcome below. Add anything you'd like. =D