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If that really works then you should be able to modify the command database. Post a list of as many colours as you can. The lines you want to add to put colours into the database should go like this:

addhash [red] ÀÁ ' 0102
addhash [green] ÀÂ ' 0103
addhash [blue] ÀÇ ' 0104
addhash [yellow] ÀÈ ' 0105

The second value is the character code taken from the text converters further down in the same file. The section of the document that looks like this:

#addtext À &h01
#addtext Á &h02
#addtext  &h03
#addtext Ç &h04
#addtext È &h05
#addtext É &h06

Not Sure how many colours you have their but with these lines added to your database you can write your colours like this:
= \c[blue]Hello World!

or even without the changes to the command database you can write the colours like this (example of blue):

= \cÀ\h03Hello World!

I'm not able to access my computer at the moment so I don't have access to my program.. Rinni has a copy so I'll try and get her to play with this and modify the command database. Note that the colours may vary between r/s/e and fr/lg.
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