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Hmm...I'll have to hit you up on MSN later on to talk about specifics on that. Thanks for all the help though, Ray. Hope I didn't come off short-tempered in that last post. XD I really appreciate it! ^-^

Comments from others on the re-sprite of Frostile are greatly appreciated, too! ;D

[Update!!] Another re-sprite that desperately needed done. The companion legendary to Frostile; Plataia. I completely re-designed him, although he's still the same Ground/Dragon type. I had a heck of a time getting the anatomy right on this guy, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome. As always...comments and criticism appreciated. ^-^

[Update!!] This is the first in a new set of very tentative Legendaries. I've got a few different ideas of where to go with this set though, so we'll see how it ends up. I'll release this now, and should have the companion to go along with him tomorrow. you can see this is a Fire typed creature, named Helioso (Obviously after the Greek God of Sun; Helios).

Man...I've really been getting a lot done lately. o.O Here's another...

[Update!!] This is the third and final evolution to Telehop and Telehare; Tilabit. This third evolution will be one of the strongest Psychic creatures in the MegaDex, with the exception of Legendaries. Its' powers are so strong that it will leave a powdery silver trail behind it when hopping along from its tail. If eaten, the powder can actually make humans hover off the ground for several seconds.

I still hope to release Helioso's companion later in the night. Keep your eyes peeled for that. ;D
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