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    Hows one Pokmon each sound? Zara asked Dane, the bug Pokmon trainer.

    Fine with me, Dane replied. Nincada, go!

    The bug Pokmon, Nincada, appeared in a blaze of white light. Its pale green wings shimmered in the sunlight.

    Come on out Mudkip! Zara threw her Pokball. Mudkip appeared with a smile, like it was sedated.

    Nincada, use your fury swipes attack! Dane ordered.

    Nincada lifted in brown claws, as it pounced at Mudkip.

    Mudkip, tackle, now! Zara commanded, but before she could finish talking, Nincada was already swiping Mudkip.

    Muuud! Mudkip shrieked as it was scratched.

    Mudkip, tackle attack!

    Mudkip stopped crying and lunged at Nincada. Nincada tried to evade the attack, but wasnt quick enough. It fell to the ground.

    Use your scratch attack! Dane cried. Nincada got up, and slashed Mudkip again. Now use Fury Swipes!

    Nincada started scratching Mudkip rapidly, and Mudkip face turned red. Mudkip growled really loudly. Nincada got really dizzy.

    Mudkip, mud shot attack! Zara shouted.

    Mudkip growled and shot barrages of mud balls at Nincada. Nincada got up and started to slash Mudkip got ready to tackle. They both collided, and fell out.

    Get up! Both trainers commanded.

    Their Pokmon tried to stnad up, though they were quivering. Their bodies both started to glow. The trainers stared in awe, as their Pokmon evolved.

    Marshtomp! Zaras new Marshtomp said. It clapped its big flippers.

    Dane was looking at his Pokmon funny. I thought Nincada was supposed to evolve into Ninjask. Whats this?

    The newly evolved Pokmon was sad looking. George took out his Pokdex.

    It says Nincada can evolve into either a Ninjask, or a Shedinja, depending on how many Pokmon you are carrying, George informed. Its a Bug and Ghost type.

    Cool! Its way better than any Ninjask, its a ghost! Im going to use it to scare my sister! Dane said happily. He picked up Shedinja and hugged it.

    Can we get back to the battle? Zara asked impatiently.

    Why not, Shedinja, use leech life! Shedinjas white halo glowed a neon blue color. Marshtomps orange stomach glowed as blue energy flowed from it, and into Shedinja. Marshtomp made a face as if it ate a sour pickle.

    Oh no you dont, Marshtomp, use mud shot, now! Marshtomp opened its mouth a formed a big mud blob. It shot it at Shedinja. Shedinja got hit, but it didnt flinch. Hey, no fair!

    The Pokdex says on super effective attacks can effect Shedinja! George told Zara.

    Great, what other attacks can I use? Zara thought hard. Marshtomp, try to find a way to squash that dead bug!

    Marshtomp nodded and charged at Shedinja. Marshtomp leaped in the air, and hopped on Shedinjas back. It started slapping it hard, and stomping on its wings. Marshtomp bit Shedinjas halo, and Shedinjas eyes got big. It started to flinch. Marshtomp hopped down. It started running, and soon it was in the air again ramming Shedinja.

    Looks like Marshtomp just learned take down, Kylar said.

    Cool, Marshtomp, Take Down attack! Marshtomp used take down again, and Shedinja fell. Marshtomp started stomping and slapping Shedinja.

    No! Shedinja, dont let those cheap shots mess you up! Shedinja tried to get up, but it had no energy. It fell and its eyes closed.

    I won! Zara cheered. She ran to Marshtomp and gave it a big hug. You were so good, Marshtomp!

    Yeah, you rocked, Dane complimented.

    Your Shedinja was no joke, either! Zara said nicely.

    Zara and Dane shook hands.

    I guess Ill be going now, I need to take Shedinja to the Center, Dane said to Zara.
    We should go to, Zara said, returning Marshtomp.

    Why dont we go together? Dane asked. I could use the company.

    Sure! The three said.

    George yawned as they exited the Petalburg Forest.

    Route 104, it says here, Kylar said, reading the guide book. Its only another mile to Rustboro.

    Something smells really good, like flowers... Zara said, sniffing.

    Yeah, its the Pretty Petal Flower Shop, Dane stated. A group of sisters own it.

    It would nice if someone got me flowers... Zara said, glancing at George. George looked disgusted.

    Zara, we do not have time to stop and smell the roses, we have to go to Rustboro!!! George yelled, and started stomping away. He stood in front of the bridge to see if anybody was following him. Nobody was, so he continued stomping onto the bridge. The only problem was, it was sturdy, and the rope split. AHH! George said as he fell into the water.

    George! Kylar and Zara screamed in fright.

    Im gonna drown! George screamed on the way down. He held his hand up as he went under. His hand stayed there. Then he rose. Its shallow.

    Zara and George shared a look, then bust out laughing. Oh my gosh, I thought you were going to drown! Zara said, in between giggles.

    Not funny, I couldve swallowed a Magikarp or something! George yelled. Now my clothes are wet and muddy!

    George tried to climb out, but he slid back down, slowly, getting mud in his fingernails. George groaned, and splashed the water hard in anger.

    Eventually George managed to climb out using Danes bug net...Zara and Dane decided to race to Rustboro, and the others followed. Dane beat Zara, and waited for her at the threshold of the city.

    Welcome to my hometown, Rustboro! Dane said, pointing into the vast city.
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