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Firstly, thank you for responding. I feel so special now.

Originally Posted by Issac Gravity
Of course the story has a primary protagonist but the situations, adventures and people they meet will be the driving factor in how they grow and change.
That's what I was thinking as well. I mean, sure, she's basically the same character. It's just that in each novel-length fanfiction, she meets another character that makes her change in some way. I don't see the point in having a whole new character to change in the same way as my own could.

Forgot about the Dragon Ball series. There is a big change between the original, Z, and GT. But the characters remain the same.

Originally Posted by Alter Ego
The reason Ash is so boring because he doesn't develop (Hundreds of episodes and the only change he has gone through is a sudden leap from slightly comical dimwit with a dream to flawless Gary-stu, sheez...<_<); there are certainly many successful series of books centered around the same character(s).
The Harry Potter series is probably the best-known example of a series following the same characters. I know of another by my favorite author, so I do have good examples.

That was one of the positives I thought of for my own fanfiction series. Unlike Ash, my character does actually grow. (The one problem that I have is that I write the books out of order. Right now I'm concentrating on the third book of my series. So editing might be in order. <<)

Originally Posted by Ranger O'Brien
I'd probably recommending adding enough background in each fic for the individual piece to stand alone. That way, people wouldn't have to drag through a whole fic to catch up.
Again, I'm going to mention the Harry Potter series. Stephen King said that they are a good way to learn how to do back story, to fit it in so that it doesn't overwhelm the reader. But I do get your drift. If there was a fanfiction series going on that I was following, I wouldn't want to go back and reread the previous fics to get caught up.

Of course, there are no real fanfiction series that come to my mind. It seems as if there is this notion that a fanfiction series can't be done.

Thanks, you three. I guess sometimes I just have to remember that the main reason why I'm writing isn't for reviews, or to please readers. It's because I just love the craft, the art, and the magic.

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