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    Originally Posted by jack276 View Post
    hi, I have a few questions.
    1. i have some made from scratch maps and i dont know how to join them together,
    2. how do i create warp points,
    5. how do i put legendary pokemon into my maps,
    4. how do i put things like cuttable trees into my maps.
    could you help me with these please.
    1. When you say join them together, do you mean implement them into the game, or connect them together. To insert them, go to Insert Map, and put in the bank and map of where you want it to be. To connect them together, go to the connections of both maps, pick the direction they connect each other in, and put in the bank and map of the other map.

    2. You create warp points by going to the Events menu, and change the number of warps to the number you want.

    5. (WTF shouldn't this be 3?)Put legendary pokemon on your map by copying the offset of a legendary pokemon in the game, pasting it to a new event (Or already existing event) in place of the offset, and change the sprite number to make it the legendary pokemon you want it to look like.

    4. Same as 5 (Or 3), only copy the tree's script offset and change the sprite into a tree.