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Now entering Age 2007.

Some of you must play Myst...

This time, I'm going to post Pokemon I made based off of two popular (yet unknown to most) games: Phoenix Wright and MapleStory.

The MapleStory Fossil

I made these back when I used to play a fun little MMORPG (lol oxymoron) named MapleStory. I know at least one of you played it.

The Pokemon Maplers (TPM)

Level 40

Level 70

Level 60

Level 60
Fire Mage

Level 70

What? SkillShot has gotten to level 90?

Level 90

The Phoenix Wright Fossil

What? You want to cross-examine Pollytot?


These are Pokemon sprites made to look like the characters in Phoenix Wright, aka Turnabout Pokemon on the Court Records forum (VERY popular and fun Phoenix Wright forum). Enjoy.

P.S. If you don't understand who any of these Pokemon are supposed to represent, you should look on Court Records for a list of characters in PW.

Pollytot is the cute, yet obnoxious pet bird of Sloni Yopoke. Pollytot, have we forgotten something?

Salmer Grimela
Salmer is the director of the Metal Medicham, Pink Pikachu and Darmstadtium Dokurogu. He will consume your children, with or without his glasses on.

Cother Hacknslash

Cother Hacknslash: Otaku and fan of the Metal Medicham.

Detective Gumashi
Introducing Detective Gumashi, the number one most lovable lug of a penguin detective if there ever was one.
"Hey, pal, this area's off limits...probably...Alright, go ahead and go in, pal, but bring me back a steak lunch."

Larry Butchop
Larry Butchop, Narucario's old friend from Pokettorney School. He's always switching types to see which one he likes (and will impress his millions of girlfriends).

It's everyone's favorite detective dog, Missiledour! With his leet smelling skills, he can identify any illegal Pokeblocks for miles around! Warning: do not let Missiledour hang around Larry Butchop. He may attack and steal/consume all Medicham Dogs.

Skitshoe, Engareido's beloved pet kitten. Rumor has it that Skitshoe is the true mastermind behind Egareido's evil.

Wobbike Meebuffet
Introducing Wobbike Meebuffet, the clumsiest member of the Pokepolice Force. Although he may live in his own world, he's a kind man who will do anything to help a friend.

Odoromeleon Charsuke
Odoromeleon is the new defense attorney in town. He may be a hot blooded, mischievous, lively young man, but he has a PASSIONATE HEART BURNING RED. Oh, and he likes to think a lot. Think, think, think...

Duskfred von Karnoir
Duskfred is the most feared Prosecutormon in the Pokeworld. He has a perfect record mainly because of doing anything to win a Pokecourt Case. His strongest attack is Tazer, which does 100 damage and has a 50% chance of Paralysis.

Nine years have passed, and Narucario has mysteriously become a "hobo" of some sort. He plays the piano in a Russian Pokerestaurant, and has never lost a game of Pokejack.

Lumini Mineon
Lumini is a clumsy, ditzy Pokemon that is annoying as hell. Stay away from Lumini, or she'll use Blabber on you.

Angeleon Espestar
Angeleon Espestar is the mysterious (yet sexy) boxed lunch seller. She used to be a detective; her nickname was "The Hairball Hack-up" because she was able to make her witnesses "hack-up" information they wouldn't have told anyone else. She has a million varieties of boxed lunches, and sometimes dispenses them through her emotions; for example, if she's angry, she'll give you the "Krabby Kicker."

Shiga Homukree
Shiga is a world-renown Poketective. He's dedicated his life to tracking down the Mikaruge Mask, and loves to attract attention. Rumor has it that he may secretly be behind the Mikaruge Mask's evil thefts...

The Mellow Munchlax

The Mellow Munchlax is the mascot of the Pokepolice. He symbolizes truth, justice, and worktime napping. W-wait, did he just wink at me? Is the Mellow Munchlax real?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT LIVING PIECE OF PLYWOOD?! STAY BACK, I'VE GOT A TASER! NOOOOOOOO!

Metal Medicham

The Metal Medicham is a brave warrior who is idolized by millions of...children? That's right, the Metal Medicham is a very popular TV show that children, adults, and nerds alike can all enjoy. Doodoo DOO doodoo doodooDOODOO~

Kaberu Honduberuto

Kaberu Honduberuto is a, um, gender-confused chef that runs restaurant Poké Bien. He's always aiming to please, and...wait a minute, did he just blow a KISS at me? No, STAY BACK! NOOOOO! THE LINGUINI! IT BURNS!


I wish PC had spoiler tags. It would let the page load faster and not as messy... ;_;