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    Chapter 2

    Black Jack stood at the entrance of the battlefield of the arena, getting ready for his first round of the tournament. He can hear the crowd was giving some huge cheers from the outside, but he never felt nervous one bit.

    Time to whip some, he said to himself as he walked out into the arena, clenching his fists.

    Will you please welcome, shouted the announcer excitedly. The man who is on his winning streak of 2000-0 and the man who has more badges than a normal guy has teeth, please cheer for the man known as Black Jack!

    The crowd was giving some great big cheers for Black Jack. He walked into the arena and waited for his opponent. Chris Jolteon came out, as he is Black Jacks first opponent.

    And his opponent, from Canada, cried the announcer with excitement. The man known for his famous Eevee evolution team and he also claims to be the most famous man in the world Chris Jolteon!

    Chris Jolteon walked down to his respective part of the field, posing and showing off along the way. When he got there, Black Jack sarcastically placed his finger into his mouth with a bored look on his face. Seeing that, Chris Jolteon had a vain on his forehead and shouted, Ill make you pay for that!

    Elsewhere in the audience, Ash sat and watched the action with focus in his eyes and Pikachu sitting on his lap. There were four vacant seats on his left.

    Ash! a girls voice called. Ash turned round to find four people looking for him. One of them had a yellow tanktop, short blue jeans with straps to hold them and ginger hair with a ponytail at the side of her head. The other had spiky brown hair and small eyes and wore a green jacket. Another had a red bandanna, red jacket and tight shorts that nearly reached her knee. Another one was a child, who wore glasses, a green shirt and brown shorts.

    Misty! Brock! Max! May! Over here! Ash called waving his arms for their attention.
    Pika pika! Pikachu cried also waving his arms.

    Ashs friends ran to their seats in case anyone would get there first. Ash, Misty said happily. Whos battling right now?
    Take a look, Ash replied as he pointed at Black Jack.
    Is that Black Jack? May exclaimed.
    Yeah! Brock replied. Hes the guy who helped this girl named Cassandra save the kids in Rustboro City.
    I heard that Black Jack got himself into many dangerous situations and out, Max continued. With his winning streak of 2000-0, I bet that hell win this one for sure.

    In the first rounds, the participants can only use one pokemon each, cried the announcer. The big screen will now select who will choose the trainer to select his pokemon first.
    The big screen of the arena circulated between the pictures of Black Jack and Chris Jolteon. The picture stopped at Chris Jolteons picture.

    Alright then, punk, Chris Jolteon said. I choose Jolteon!
    Figures, Black Jack replied. I already knew that you would choose him, since he must be your favourite.
    All of my pokemon are more than enough for you!
    Well see about that. Tyranitar! Its your time to shine!

    Black Jack threw out a pokeball and out popped Tyranitar. He gave a loud roar as he prepared for battle.

    Tyranitar versus Jolteon? May asked.
    Yep, Brock replied. Both pokemon have their advantages and disadvantages against each other. A Tyranitar has higher physical defence and attack stats, while Jolteon has high elemental attack power and speed.
    And thats not all, Max continued. Tyranitar is a rock and dark type, while Jolteon is an electric type. There is only one bug type attack that Jolteon can learn and that is the Pin Missile attack, and dark types are weak against bug type attacks. But having heard of Black Jack and his pokemons ability of being unpredictable in battle, I have no clue what he or his Tyranitar has in their minds.

    Now without ado, cried the announcer. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

    Chris Jolteon got his pokemon ready to attack. Ill finish you off real fast! he taunted. Jolteon! Thunder attack!
    Already? Black Jack asked with a confident smirk.

    Jolteon charged himself up until his electric powers were full; he then let out a huge roar as lightning was shot out from him and went into the clouds and then dived down at Tyranitar.

    Too easy, Black Jack criticised. Dodge to your left, Tyranitar.

    Tyranitar did what he was instructed as he confidently took one step to his left, making the lightning hit the ground instead, missing him by an inch. A lot of people in the audience had surprised look on their faces and gasped.

    Whoa! Brock said. Smooth move, if that Thunder attack did hit Tyranitar, it wouldve done a lot of damage.
    I told you guys, Max said. Black Jack is unpredictable, he just showed that his Tyranitar can move fast.

    Now, Tyranitar! Black Jack commanded. Mega Punch attack!
    Jolteon! Chris Jolteon yelled. Pin Missile attack!

    Jolteon shot out his Pin Missile attack like wildfire. The attack did hit Tyranitar, but he wasnt even fazed as he continued to run at Jolteon at high speed.

    Tyranitar went on to hit Jolteon with Mega Punch, but he jumped out of harms way, making Tyranitar punch the ground instead. The punch was so hard that it created a hole in it.

    If thats the way this is gonna be, Chris Jolten thought to himself. Ill have to worn him out.

    Jolteon! he commanded. Agility now!

    Jolteon started to run rings around Tyranitar. Stand still, Black Jack said. Dont worry too much about it.

    Jolteon has been running around Tyranitar for a long time, but Tyranitar didnt show any sign of confusion or tiredness. Chris Jolteon was beginning to get frustrated. Jolteon! Chris Jolteon ordered. Tackle attack!

    In front of him? Black Jack asked with criticism. Tyranitar! Shadow Punch!

    Tyranitar gave a stretched and swift punch to knock Jolteon down, like a Seviper would strike a pidgey.

    May gave several blinks. What happened? she asked. Ive never seen a pokemon punch like that before.
    A shadow punch? Brock asked. I thought that only Dusclops learn that move.
    I guess Black Jack has his own way of teaching moves, Max replied.

    Misty couldnt help but noticing Ash concentrating on the battle.

    Jolteon slowly picked himself up. Jolteon! Chris Jolteon commanded. Thunderbolt attack!

    Black Jack gave a confident smile as Jolteon charged himself up. Jolteon tried to let the electric attack but it was no use, as he suddenly felt worn out.

    Hey! Whats going on here? Chris Jolteon asked.
    Batteries have their own limits, Black Jack replied. And it looks like your Jolteon has reached his.
    Since Jolteon has been running around Tyranitar for a long time, he has been growing tired. That means that he had no longer had the energy to use his electric attack, let alone carry on with the battle. In other words youre finished.
    No way!
    Tyranitar! Focus Punch attack!

    Tyranitar turned around as he charged himself. Jolteon had no more energy to move, as Tyranitar slid quickly at him while giving a devastating punch, which caused an explosion, sending him flying. NO! Chris Jolteon cried as his Jolteon fell to the ground unconscious

    After that, everyone stood and gave a deafening cheer for Black Jack.

    Chris Jolteon fell to his knees and was in tears as he called back his defeated pokemon.

    Loser, Black Jack disappointedly thought as he walked to the back of the stadium. Even though he won, he felt nothing. He felt that something was missing in his life of adventures.

    A few minutes later, Black Jack was at the pokemon center, waiting for his pokemon to be healed. He also waited to find out who his next opponent might be. Hi, Black Jack, said a girls voice.

    Black Jack turned around to see her acquaintance, Cassandra. Along side her was one of the students from the Flaming Fist School, fifteen years old. Cassandra and Lao Ping, Black Jack said. Long time, no see. What are you guys doing here?

    Did you actually expect us to miss your matches? Cassandra asked. I promised Gardevior that shed be able to see how you and your pokemon were battling.
    And Ive been chosen to see how Blaziken was getting on, Lao Ping replied. Surely you mustve trained him well.

    Before Black Jack could answer, the big screen circled around to find the pokemon trainers battling for the next round. It turned out that Black Jacks opponent would be a man known as Mr. Mack. He was wearing sport and street clothing.

    Mr. Mack? Cassandra said. I never heard of him.

    Black Jack gave a nasty smile. Might as well whip his as well, he thought.
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