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    War has broken out in Hoenn! Fight as either Team Magma or Team Aqua for ultimate control of the region!

    Here are the rules:

    Each Side Has:
    1 Admin
    2 Execs
    12 Grunts

    ~Once 15 people have signed up for each team, members will vote on Admin, who then appoints the Execs.

    ~The Admin directs the paths/decisions of his troops(where to go, who to fight, etc). Battles can only take place between adjacent cities/locations. For example, LittleRoot can attack Oldale, but not Petalburg.

    ~When conducting battles, if the defender does not respond to the attacker within 1 day, the defender forfeits. Think of it as a siege situation. This rule is key for keeping this game going at a steady pace.

    ~The defender is also allowed to set the terms for the battle, to which any attacker must adhere to, so long as they do not break my set rules.

    ~The attacking side will change each turn. The team on offense will be allowed to initiate attacks for as long as they wish. Only when the Admin decides to stop the offensive will the other team be allowed to start attacks. Just like in the actual game of Risk.

    ~When a player loses a battle, he or she will be unable to participate for the remainder of the round. When their respective team goes on defense, they will regain the number of troops equal to the number of cities they hold.
    For example, Team Magma Grunt A(offense) is attacking Aqua Grunt B(defense). Grunt A loses to Grunt B. Thus Magma loses a soldier. Magma then ends their attack, putting them on defense. Assuming they have at least one city, Grunt A will allowed to return to the field.
    ***However, if a team has fewer cities than it has KO'd members, it will up to the Admin to decide who comes back first.***

    Here is a list of all 21 cities/landmarks that can be held. The attacking Admin can move people as he pleases, but when he decides to go on defense, everyone must be in a city or landmark. Each city holds a varying amount of people, and each landmark holds only 1. The list is as follows:

    LittleRoot – 1 Residents
    Oldale – 1 Residents
    Petalburg – 3 Residents
    Dewford – 1
    Rustboro – 5
    Verdanturf – 1
    Mauville – 3
    Slateport - 3
    Lavaridge – 1
    Fallarbor - 2
    Fortree - 2
    Pacifidlog – 1
    Lilycove – 4
    Mossdeep – 3
    Sootopolis – 3
    Ever Grande – 1

    Desert - 1
    Weather Institute - 1
    Mt. Pyre - 1
    Meteor Falls - 1
    Rusturf Tunnel - 1

    Battling Restrictions: There are a number of restrictions set to make the game more interesting. First off, there are no DT/OHKO moves allowed, period. Sleep clause is in effect, as is the hax item clause. If there are any questions, pm me. If anyone is found in violation of these rules, they will be forced to leave the game, thereby crippling their team.

    The types of pokemon are also limited depending on your rank -
    ~Grunts are forbidden to use ALL legends/wobbuffet.
    ~Execs may use up to two legends, but no ubers/wobby
    ~Admins are subject to the same rule as Execs, but they must have their respective mascot on their team. Thus the Magma Admin must have Groudon, while the Aqua Admin must use Kyogre.

    Whew, a lot of rules, I know. But that's the end of them! So let the sign-ups begin!

    Team Magma

    Team Aqua
    9.Darkrai X
    13.PKMN Trainer Max
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