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    In Japan there was a CD drama with tells the event before the first movie. One of the CD was called "The Birth of Mewtwo". The CD's were never released outside Japan.
    4Kids decided to make a animation from it. This is called "The Story of Mewtwo's Origin". The first few minutes (around 2 minutes) were shown in "Mewtwo Strikes Back" right before the actual movie. (The part where Mew follows a group of people in the jungle). The DVD "Mewtwo's Returns" contains a whole version of 10 minutes and 37 seconds.
    My old website has the whole script you can find it at:

    Some better images can be found at my new website (text is in dutch, just ignore that).

    Some ppl have encoded the animation. There are, as far as I know, currently 3 versions on the Internet. The first two were from The Splunkyard but it doesn't have the files anymore. There is a 12 MB and a 50 MB version. Other website still has them. The third one is a 95 MB.

    My old website has images of the 12 MB version and the new one has images of the 95 MB version
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