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So far I can only find 3 of my EX pkmn.
1 Chansey EX
1 Gardevoir EX
1Scyther EX
Im not paired :'(

i personally know ashley03, Grim Reaper, little kitty kat, and me, Bhrit (Bhritnee)

my email address is [email protected]

my instant messaging is [email protected] and [email protected]

Thanks for the banner Castrainer, it rocks!!!! :D

Bhritnee is my real name but you can call me by my user name if you want... it is your choice :D

hey!!!! everyone!!!! pm or im me if you want to be friends!!!!!!! ok? :D :D

this is by Ashley03... she drew it...

(\ /)
/_l_\ BUNNY!!!!!!!
( )
^__^ ( ) hmmm... does that look like a
>(*_*)<_( ) kitty? if it does then, KITTY!!!!!!!
( ) )
I know, I know, my signature is like smily central but i like the smilies!! *smiles*

how do you like my sprites? my best friend Ashley03 made it! if you want one just ask her!
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