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    "I didnt know you were from Rustboro," Zara commented. "How do you like it?"

    "Its cool, but there are hardly any bugs," Dane replied. Dane and Zara walked shoulder to shoulder exchanging stories.

    George looked repulsed. "Eww, why is he walking with her?"

    "George, how many times must I explain to you that cooties are fictional?" Kylar asked in a joking way. George laughed sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

    "Look guys, theres a park!" Zara exclaimed. She and Dane tried to outrun each other to get their seat on the bench. This time Zara beat him, but Dane sat on her lap. George turned beet red, and a bit of steam rose from his head.

    "Calm down, George, its not like youre jealous or anything, right?" Kylar asked. George shook his head, and put on a robotic smile.

    "Everythings fine," George said through his teeth.

    The bench Dane and Zara were in was two sided, so George and Kylar sat on the opposite facing side. They sat on both sides of a women who was in the middle, reading the Pokmon Times. George reached down and tied his shoe.

    "Hello," Kylar kindly said to the women. She put down her newspaper and started to greet Kylar.

    "Janet?!" Kylar said nervously. He voice trembled, as his jaw dropped. He was still, as she glared at him with her dark, unforgiving eyes.

    "RUN!" George screamed. He stood up, grabbed Kylar by his necklace, and ran. Zara saw what was happening, and started to run. Dane, confused, started running. What George didnt know was that he had accidentally tied his shoe laces together with Janets. He was dragging her along in the grass.

    "George!" Zara tried to call him, but he was running far ahead, way farther than Dane or Zara could. He went up the slide, and stood, trying to see if Janet was anywhere to be found. The he felt something tug on his shoes, and he fell backwards down the slide.

    "AHH!" Zara shrieked as Janet knocked George off the bottom of the slide, onto the dirt, like one of the spheres from Newtons Cradle.

    Zara, Kylar, and Dane rushed to the slide, and knelt down to see if they were okay.

    Georges eyes were Xs, and Janet was nearly unconscious.

    "Oh goodness," Zara said. "Their laces are tied together."

    "Ill untie them," Kylar said.

    "I got it," Dane said and got busy untying. Kylar huffed, and knelt next to his brother. He pulled out a water bottle and sprinkled a bit of water onto George, then Janet.

    After Dane finished with the shoe laces, Kylar lifted George to his feet. Zara lifted Janet onto the slide and slapped her, trying to get her to wake up. Janet sneezed on Zara. "Eww," Zara said. "Shes woke, lets go."

    "This is confusing, and happening way too fast," Dane said, confused.

    "Ill explain it later," Zara told him, and they started to run away.

    "Hey guys," Dane said as they entered the heart of the city. "I have a place we can go to rest."

    Dane got in front and led them to a big building at the edge of the town. It had a view of a lake, and a beautiful garden.

    "Where are we?" Kylar asked, trying to look it up in his guide book.

    "This is my house," Dane said with a smug smile.

    All their jaws dropped as they stared at his mansion.

    "Wow, your house is really...big," Zara stated.

    "Come on in, I need to chill for a sec," Dane said, and motion for them to follow him in the house.

    As they walked in, a Butterfree flew into Danes arms. "Hey Butterfree!" Butterfree cooed.

    "Aww!" Zara said, gushing with love.

    "Oh, geez..." George said.

    After they rested, they headed out to the lake. It was chilly out.

    "Well, I guess its time for us to part," Dane said, with his Butterfree perched on his shoulder.

    "Yeah..." Zara said, looking into the water.

    "Well, actually I just made a decision..."


    "I decided to travel all across the world, just like you guys," Dane said, looking off into space. "Maybe well see each other along the way."

    "Yeah, thatd be cool."

    "Says who?" George whispered.

    Dane stood up. "I will be the greatest bug Pokmon master!" Dane took out his Pokball, and released Shedinja. "With my Shedinja, and Butterfree, I will capture all of these Pokmon!"

    Zara smiled.

    "Im going to get my starter tomorrow," Dane announced.

    "We can come with you!" Zara said happily.

    "We can?" George said, and Kylar elbowed him in the stomach.

    "Well, why dont you all stay the night, we have guest rooms!" Dane ran up to his house, followed by Zara, George, and Kylar.

    George tripped over a rock on the way there. "Ouch!"
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