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    6 Aquas and 3 magmas. xD wonder who wins.
    Originally Posted by God the Stampede View Post
    For those of you who aren't total idiots, You'll probably know me from Netbattle. Yes it is the one and only Vash the Stampede, I was going to post to some pathetic whiner complaining about how much life sucks. Reality check... LIFE ALWAYS SUCKS! For those who don't know me, well I don't care about you. But i won't mind crushing children's ideals on pokemon with my totally sarcastic views on life. Some of you may be wondering "Why does he call himself 'God the stampede?'", simple I AM GOD!
    On a side note I realize some of you may grow to hate me, or even hate me now. Please continue for your opinions of me matter as much as a hill of **** to anyone who matters and since no one but ME matters thats no one.
    Hmmm alittle bit about myself.. Well.... I'm one of a dying breed. That is the Netbattle Troller. Most of you inbred losers'll come to realize this if my post of truth doesn't get me expelled from this place. I also hate morons. Oh and Brazillians for various reasons to numerous to mention in one post. Well I'm not going to continue to rant and rave about how much I'm better than 95% of you drones. We'll see what happens in the next few days.
    Originally Posted by DragonairKing2000 View Post
    Hello, welcome to the community, by the way my name is Alex.
    Lol yes, I've still left.
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