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=0 Ranger O'Brien is back!

Well, on the plus side, I've rewritten my plot for my fanfiction series so that it can carry more than one book. Yay for random bursts of inspiration!

The one problem is that now I have to read like crazy to see how other books handle such a plot. So I'm reading The Golden Compass to see how things are done. And because I've never read them before.

Originally Posted by RaikouRider243
From personal experience, the original turns out to be the best one.
Depends. My favorite science fiction series is different from other series for a few reasons. One, there is a 3000 year gap between the first book and the second book. Two, the main focus of the plot has shifted. So it all depends on what the series is and how well the books are that follow. (My favorite books of that series are actually the second and the third book.)

It's just like with Harry Potter. I love the second book, but really didn't like the first book. It all depends on opinions, and I see that was what you are saying. I'm just tossing my two cents into the collection cup.

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