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I wanna be in!
Gym Leader: Jeremie *replaces Whitney*
Sprite: Whitney with purple palette unless you can edit the trainer sprites.
Pokon: Chansey LVL: *you choose*
Blissey LVL: *you choose*
Badge: Same Badge

Before Battle Text: Hi, I'm JEREMIE, leader of the *town's name* GYM! You wanna challenge me? OK! I'm cute but it doesn't mean I'm not tough!

Lost Battle Text: What? I lost? But...sob...

After: You big meanie! You're still a kid, don't be so rough! Whaaaaaa!!!

Friend: You made JEREMIE cry, don't worry, she always crys after she looses.

After after: Oh your badge! Here you go! Now you can use STRENGH outside a battle. And take this too. This TM is attract! Makes your foe's Pokon fall in love with you.

Final: If you go to Johto, tell WHITNEY and her boyfriend JEREMY, I said hi! Good bye, and good luck on your journy to be a Pokon Master!

Hmm, ya might have to repoint. Sorry if it's too long and specfic, but that's how I am. ;;;
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