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    Originally Posted by Punishment View Post
    Instead of arguing who the admin is going to be why not focus that energy in getting more members for Team Magma. At this rate it wouldnt really matter who is the admin because Team Magma would be creamed by Aqua who has more members.

    Shadow no offense but they have a video of you battling on Youtube where I think your Minun survives an attack it shouldnt.
    yea let's stop thinking of Admins for a while and worry about the thread. i put the link in my sig to advertise. and the Plusle is from pokemon colosseum and any pokemon can withstand a super effective attack if it is trained right. and Cema can't prove i used hacked pokemon just by battling. he's also the only person that's ever beaten me. how could I have hacked pokemon if he pwned me 5 to 1?
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