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    This tutorial will show you basic ways to change tilesets in FR/LG/R/S/E.

    All you will need is:
    • Paint.
    • AdvanceMap.
    • A scetch of what you want to put in. (Max 4 colours)

    Getting the tileset.
    • Open up AdvanceMap.
    • Load the rom you want to edit. (Make sure it has been extracted from the zip folder)
    • You cant edit a tileset on a blank screen, so you will need to open up a map.(make sure the tileset you wish to edit is inside there)
    • Go to tools --> block editor.
    • Click save tileset.
    • Save it where you want it as a DIB.
    This is what the tileset would look like(mine has been edited already)

    Actually editing the tileset. (Open block editor again)
    The following window should open: (note I have changed a few tiles )

    The following actions are what you can do in the block editor.

    1# Load or save a tileset. (There are two tilesets in each map, and are identified as tileset 1 and tileset two, to save a tileset you want is simple, Picture --> Save Tileset 1/2. 1 is the tileset that is on top in the map editor, on the right is the tiles, scroll down to the bottom and that is tileset two, you can change these as much as you want).
    2# Change the pallete too the colours you want your new tiles too fit. (If you wish too edit a red pokecentre choose the red tileset, if you put it in the blue tileset it will stuff up).
    List of palettes: (FR/LG)
    • Green.
    • Brown.
    • Red.
    • Blue.
    • Mixture of red, blue, yellow and a few others.
    • Sandish colours with a few extras.
    • Different shades of blue (light)
    • Just blue and black. (pallete not really used)
    • Mix of orange and grey.
    • Mixture of Yellow, Blue, Grey.
    • Mixture of crimson, blue and a few others.
    • Shades of green. (reccomended not using this one because half of it is just purple)
    • Mixture of brown, blue and green.
    • From then on plain black. (This would be useful if your using a pallette changer)
    3# When you click on the tile you want to edit, it shows the smaller tiles that have been used to form it, you can change this with the tiles below the palette changer, and with the palette changer you can change it all together, making snowy trees or pokecentres blue.(Better explanation: In the pallete, there are the tilesets you have used, these tilesets are used to make the actual tile, you could put plain lines and make something out of it, but when changing the tilesets make sure you dont add anything extra and make sure you use the eyedropper to make it right, also when loading a tileset, if you used the greenery palette make sure you load a greenery paletted tileset. Though this works sometimes you can load it on something else, though it will change the tileset into the palette you are on. You can edit the tile by using different mini tiles as I call them)
    Picture explanation:

    Putting in something completely new.
    • Open your tileset in paint.
    • Have another paint opened with the item you wish too place in.
    • Copy the item and paste it on what you want to replace, whether it's the skinny tree or the fat tree.(In this case I will put in a completely different sign)
    • Put it over the item you wish to change.
    • Use the eyedropper to copy it into the palette.
    • Open AdvanceMap and load the rom you are editing.
    • Go to Tools --> Block Editor --> Picture --> Load Tileset 1/2. (Depending on the one you wished to edit. Click the save button and reload the rom.

    Picture Guide:
    I will edit it a few times to make it right and correct my errors, I hope everyone understood this.
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