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    Look, after browsing a bit, it appears I need to clarify a few things.

    First: Admins are elected by popular vote. An admin's team can be whatever he/she chooses, so long as their respective mascot is on their team. Honestly, having the Magma Admin's team consist of solely dark/ground/fire pokemon is a idiotic move and you will get steamrolled by anyone with a decent water pokemon. Balance is key.

    And another note. Hacked pokemon are forbidden. People will not be given the benefit of the doubt unless the accusation is hard to prove. But someone being caught with a Sceptile in a duskball will be kicked out immediately for two reasons; first for hacking, and second for being a complete and utter idiot. I will investigate accusations dealing with damage calculations.

    We still need more people, especially for team magma. Be sure to spread this around your buddies on the battling board.
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