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    Okay. Latias10, your Charizard can't have the tm for Aerial Ace since it is a R/S move and this hack is based on Crystal. Therefore, you can't have that Shelgon. Firemaker, who are you replacing? Jason and blitzballchamp, which Elite Four are you replacing? Dver, you can only have 5 pokes if you're an EF. All levels will be the same for gym leaders and Elite Fours. Also, remember to post the pokes of your underlings depending on the GL you are. Falkner in Violet, Bugsy in Azalea, Whitney in Goldenrod, Morty in Ecruteak, Chuck in Cianwood, Pryce in Mahogany, Clair in Blackthorn, Lt Surge in Vermilion, Sabrina in Saffron, Brock in Pewter, Misty in Cerulean, Janine in Fuchsia, and Erika in Celadon have underlings. As for everyone else, thanx :D and any other people who want to be a gym leader or EF hurry as I will only take the first 16 gym leaders and first 4 elites. Whitney, Clair, Will, and Bruno have been replaced. Also, if anyone wants to help with sprites and such, post here.
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