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    Name - Pokemon CYRUS
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    Hello folks i am Cyrysman aka Cyrus.

    I will make organized topic this time and will tel about each feature step by Step .
    Game Features Play big Role in the Game.
    The game will set place in this region

    GYMS are owned by actual Players, players will able to fight GYM leaders and win Badges from them. GYM Master must be in game at least 30MIN a day as its set in rules that gym masters have to be at gym at least 30min.
    Wild Pokemon's and Trainers.
    There is only 1 type of NPC kind and those are wild Pokemon's settled in different parts world. Other Than that other players online who play are trainers u may fight and win , winning them you will gain score, money and wins towards TC. You can also SET a Rival in Beggining of them game... this means every time u fight your rival you will gain double exp.

    Trainer Cards, Skins
    Players Can create own Skins and use then in GAME..
    Here is default Trainer Card in use...

    And those are different Skins you can select from

    You can print them in game and post in signature.

    Storage/Server System
    Each Region is Hosted on Different Server.. i mean johto or kanto and so on... You can Travel from Server to Server via Train or Ship. Pokemon Storage is Capped for 100 Pokemons reason of this is we wanted some reality ... there is a lot players and each LAB can store 100 Pokemons so in order to get more space u have to store then in other SERVERS aka Regions.

    Skin looks kinda bad... but if u dont like it u can edit it

    Battle System
    Battle System is familiar to mystery dungeon style.. wich gives more freedom to combat giving power make something like 10 vs 10. a massive fight. More about this in Trailer how it looks.

    Release -
    The Release is in about 2 Weeks we have done a lot of Stuff . and not much left. All we need to do is Finnish mapping and Complete Pokemon Trade function between Players.