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Sorry, BlitzBallChamp. Bruno, the third EF has been replaced so you'll have to choose to be Koga, the second EF. Or you could be a Gym Leader.

Here's a gym list and EF list to help you choose(for everyone)

Violet Gym-None
Azalea Gym#2-None
Goldenrod Gym#3-PIKA2
Ecruteak Gym#4- TreeckoFan12
Cianwood Gym#5- None
Olivine Gym#6- None
Mahogany Gym#7- DarkAvengerCobra
Blackthorn Gym#8- Latias10
Elite Four Will- Dver
Elite Four Koga- None
Elite Four Bruno- Philbro
Elite Four Karen- Jason
Champion Lance- Me
Viridian Gym- None
Pewter Gym- KJY2J
Cerulean Gym- Jennifer
Vermilion Gym- Firemaker
Celadon Gym- None
Fushcia Gym- None
Saffron Gym- None
Cinnabar Gym- None
Ash- None

I'll need the positions filled so if you want to join, post here.
(5D's 1-19 up; reposting in progress)
(RM2K3)(Stalled/Demo Up to E4 Out)

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