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"When I compile a script through ScriptEd (I don't like using PokeScript) and overwrite a gba game to put in the script, it always says the file wasn't found, even though it's really there."

Go same problem...
I just solved the problem for that person, so I'll help you too. First, name your rom image "game". DO NOT PUT ANY EXTENSIONS ON IT. Make it simply "game". Now, put your script into ScriptED and press compile. Do not select your game from the list! Instead, go to where it says, "File name:" and type in "game.gba.gba". Hit save, and it should work for you now.

Could someone give me a place to get a good Hex Tutorial, as I'm trying to do a translation project for "Keitai Denjuu Telefang" and is there a possible way to make it so yo can have a choice between Kuriputo and Fangusa?
Most to all hex-editors are good in my opinion, you just have to know how to use them. I suggest Hexecute 2.10. I suggested this version because it has a "Search Relative" function. But for later, you'll need Hexecute RC7, which allows you to input a table file a lot easier. If you know of better hex editor, feel free to use it, these are only suggestion.

Um whenever i patch a ROM, The rom never works when i load it on VBA, why is this?
Like Charmander said; make sure you have a clean Rom. Other than that, your on your own I'm afraid...

I have a new Island I made using Advance Map for Pokemon Fire Red, and when I open my town map it says I am on 5 Island and I would like it to be a different map and I want it to say that I am on Island 8. Is there any way I can do this. I also would like to input the Island into the Rainbow pass so I can travel to that Island 8 by ferry. Please Help me.
First of all, change the name of the island! Second, you'll have to edit the town map, to look the way you want. Also, if you want an event that makes it where you get the "Rainbow Pass" and a ferry takes you to "Island 8". You'll just have to make a simple script that does so. Ps. Warp scripts are super easy!

I think you can't compile scripts with scripted. Use Pokéskript or Diamond cutter.
Actually, Yeah it does. In reality that's what ScriptED is for, to insert or "compile" scripts into the game. Besides, Diamond Cutter is basically an earlier version of ScriptED. As for why it did not work, I'm not sure...Tell me exactly what happened.

As always, Hope this helped you all!
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