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    I have a new Island I made using Advance Map for Pokemon Fire Red, and when I open my town map it says I am on 5 Island and I would like it to be a different map and I want it to say that I am on Island 8. Is there any way I can do this. I also would like to input the Island into the Rainbow pass so I can travel to that Island 8 by ferry. Please Help me.
    First of all, change the name of the island! Second, you'll have to edit the town map, to look the way you want. Also, if you want an event that makes it where you get the "Rainbow Pass" and a ferry takes you to "Island 8". You'll just have to make a simple script that does so. Ps. Warp scripts are super easy!
    How do I edit the Town Map? Can't I just input a new map of my own for 8 Island, and the New Jhoto Region. I know warp scripts are easy, but how can I warp the ferry there?

    Help in Advance Map- How do I make a new town of my own without changing the name of an existing map and so on. I would like to put a new town with a new map, but if I change the name of an existing map it edits all the maps that are there.

    Can you please help me?