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I am trying to make a hack of Emerald and i cannot get BaseEdit, BeWildered, or Patted to work for it. I always get a message saying "supported rom, but monsters base stats are not specified in the database." Is there anything i can do to fix it or are there and different programs that i can use that do the same thing?
Sorry, but: BaseEdit, BeWildered, Patted, and all of those other sorts of programs were designed before Emerald was released. They do not support Emerald, sadly... As for other tools, you can use a hex editor to do most of these things. I'm not very experienced at Hacking Emerald though, I mostly only use it to import tiles to other rom images.

I have a problem with Advance Map

Whenever I try to change the tileset the tiles that are already on the map get replaced with the tiles on the new tileset that I just loaded and the houses and other buildings get messed up

If and one could tell me how to fix this I would greatly aprreciate it
It's supposed to do that. To insert new tilesets, you must replace older tilesets. There is only a certain amount of space in the rom. You can, however, change the amount of blocks. Just look around Advance Map, you'll find the option.

How do I edit the Town Map? Can't I just input a new map of my own for 8 Island, and the New Jhoto Region. I know warp scripts are easy, but how can I warp the ferry there?

Help in Advance Map- How do I make a new town of my own without changing the name of an existing map and so on. I would like to put a new town with a new map, but if I change the name of an existing map it edits all the maps that are there.

Can you please help me?
Alright, to insert a new map please do the following.
First: Open up Advance Map and load your rom... yadayada
Second: Select on any map, it doesn't matter.
Third: Go to File > Map... > insert map.
A~ window will pop up~
Fourth: Go down to the last option "Create New Spot"
Fifth: Select where your map will go. I.e. : If you want your new map to be part of the Pallet Town set (Your house, Rival's house, Oak's Lab...) then select "4" where it says "bank".
Sixth: Select "1" "amount of reserved maps".
Tada! You have now inserted a new map into the game!
Warning: I do not suggest this. It is much easier just to replace old locations. You'll understand in the long run.

Ummh my rom crashes when I try to warp to my custom map, solution?

How do I edit the bag and PROF BIRCH so I can have the scripts on another place?

What causes image-rom crash?
1. By custom do you mean, inserted map? I've never had trouble before... until later, that is.

2. By "move to another place" do you mean a new map offset? Because if so, that is do-able. Just make sure the sprites are in the same ratio they were from each other on the last map. Also, make sure there are no obstacles in the way, ie. Trees.

3. Many things can cause the image-rom to crash. But most likely you have overwritten valuable data. It happens quite often, the only way to fix it when it happens... is to have a backup! Always make a backup file!

Hoped this helped!
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