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Yeah a insertet, when I try to warp my rom crash I discovered in elitemap for not so long ago that I got the "girl" event there O.o Maybe that's the reason?

Well by the pokemon bag I mean how can I be able to just have the bag, press A-button, choose a pokemon and then I have the pokemon in my team and the bag will be destroyed?
Can you maybe post what scripts I need? (the numbers/letters like "$1A030F")

Haha ok Today I've been forced to start over three times I think X'D

Thanks for the answers
Oh, you probably shouldn't insert maps using Elitemap, It likes to act pretty screwy at times.
Also, as for you "bag" inquiry, it is not possible. The script must stay together sadly, the random battle will occur afterwords... My suggestion for you is to create a new script, one that would say something like, "Look, The Prof.'s Bag! There are three Pokeballs in it!". Then proceed to the real part. "Do you want to take this Pokeball?". You know, basically make a text version of what the bag would do. It would be a tedious script to make, but it could be done.

How do I edit the Town Map on Fire red? I know warp scripts are easy, but how can I warp the ferry to my Newly Created Island.

I have another question too.

How do you connect maps together like Cinnibar Island and Pallet.
I would like to know so I can create some new Areas.
Woah, come down! We do have lives outside of PC you know...

1. To edit the map, you'll more than likely need to use Cyclone, It's the best program for it. Just make sure you have the needed files.

2. Those are called "connections" my friend. Advance Map can edit this part of the rom. Elitemap can also, though again, I don't recommend it.

3. You know, everytime I do this It comes out horribly wrong. Sorry, I can't answer this question truthfully...

Well, for exactly what I did in ScriptED, I wrote a script to give your character a pokemon in wordpad, copied it into ScriptED, then hit save, and triedhitting "COMPILE" but I can't, the button is wierd, like the other buttons have the black lettering so you can click on it, but the letters on compile are just gray, and it's un-clickable
Wow, I know what your talking about, the grey "un-clickable" letters. But, I do not believe this has ever happened to me before. Sorry, I can not help you.

Hope this helped!