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    Here are a few edits.

    When changing the colours of the tiles instead of the actual tile, like the blue house I changed to red be weary that it can stuff up the tiles altogether. The next time you open the rom or in a few minutes of changing it and going to another map your tile can stuff up and turn different colours from what you chose, this also appears in the game time to time. Just to warn you.

    When changing a tile make sure that you don't change a tile that is very important in the game, the five green tiles that make up the ground are all used, if you change it into something solid it will show up on the rest of your tiles, and the tile will be included in the grass. You might find pieces of houses everywhere.

    Make sure that you NEVER create extra spaces on a tilesit but getting the size of a tile and pulling down the bottom of the tileset to make extra spaces, it WILL ruin the tiles.

    If you want to change anything that needs to be in the tileset, make sure you experiment with another copy. Or if you wish to change the colours of the tiles use a palette editor, tutorials are around here

    That about does it.
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