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I'm sorry please have patience with me because im new here i may have created an account in 06 but I'm just recently using it sorry.

this is what my script looks like. Is this right?

org $go
checkflag 0x200
if B_true goto $done
applymovement 0x8 $walktoplayer
pause 0x1
message $text
boxset 6
givepokemon 0x6 35 1
setflag 0x200

$walktoplayer 1 ; #binary 0x0A 0xFE

#org $text
$text 1= Hey before u go take this.

and the BUF RITE looks like this

#PROCESS: C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Desktop\EliteMap\Pokemon - Fire Red.gba F:2 for read
- Pushed apmovement.$go to 800000
- Pushed apmovement.$walktoplayer to 80003F
#PROCESS: C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Desktop\EliteMap\Pokemon - Fire Red.gba F:3 for read
- Adjusting apmovement.$done in 0 at 8013884
- Adjusting apmovement.$walktoplayer in 0 at 880003F
- Adjusting apmovement.$text in 0 at 80C350C
- Putting [+
- Putting [
þ] at 80003F
\- Processed 0 Lines

It told me to it had floating pointers so i had to create random offsets for them.