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    Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
    I was wondering,
    what will be availible with the first beta (# of cities, gyms etc)?

    I love the pictures. I think they are perfect. But if you wanna change them, it's your choice (since you are not sure if they are final).
    Oh, most of the stuff will be the same.
    I'm talking about the small details.
    For example, in the first screenshot, to the side of the houses, you can still see grass, which I need to change to rock.
    Also, all the sprites will look different and have scripts associated with them.

    Anyways, the 1st Beta, will probably, only have 4 cities, 1 Goal, and quite a few routes/caves/sidequests.

    I am now looking for someone, who can go through my game, and battle EVERY trainer, and then WRITE DOWN, there names. The Trainer's name that is. So, I can go back and edit them all.

    Requirements for the Job:
    100+ Posts
    AIM Screename

    PM me, if you see yourself doing this job, I will set it up for you so you can do it.
    I'll sort through the applications and pick 1-2 people.